Blue Lagoon’s Luxury Retreat Hotel in Iceland

When I originally booked my trip to Iceland, I was oblivious to the apparently infamous Blue Lagoon manmade geothermal spa, as I was concentrating on the landscape aspect of the Nordic island, it wasn’t until I researched Reykjavik the capital that I discovered it.

And gee was I glad I discovered Blue Lagoon prior to arriving in Iceland.

After two weeks exploring Iceland taking photos of the dramatic landscape during the winter season, finishing off my adventures at Blue Lagoon was a lovely way to pamper myself, whilst having a cosy warm experience to end the trip, after venturing out in the cold elements every day during the two weeks prior.

Not wanting to rush my experience at the resort, I thought why not splurge on a nights accommodation at Silica Hotel prior to flying out of Iceland the next day. This does not come cheap though, even for a standard Lava room overlooking the lava fields. My Lava room was tastefully decorated using natural warm textures and modern minimal design, which gave the room a very Icelandic ambiance and feel.


  • Blue Lagoon Retreat Iceland in the winter
    Silica Hotel Room
  • Blue Lagoon Retreat Iceland in the evening


As soon as I checked into my room in the late afternoon, I wanted to see what the hype was all about, so I quickly made my way across the snow covered path walking across to the lagoon area.

The outside winter temperature was averaging a freezing 0-2 degrees Celsius, so the steamy 38 degrees Celsius water was definitely calling me!

Upon leaving my belongings in the communal bathroom lockers, I stepped foot into the milky blue turquoise geothermal seawater, and I was in heaven, it felt so velveting smooth. The mineral rich waters felt so enriching on my skin as I lightly swam around the various pools, taking in the natural volcanic rocky surroundings. Lightly swimming through the pools, I found pockets of steaming hot water, which then drifted into warm then unexpectedly coming across the hot temperature once again.

Thankfully the retreat was quiet of visitors at this time of year, so only shared the pool with about a dozen other guests, who were mainly couples. I would hate to visit the resort during the peak period as I could imagine it would get very crowded and not necessarily the peacefulness you see in all the images online.

As a guest of the hotel you are treated to your own separate pool, which I found so much better than the main pool, mainly for the privacy aspect, more tranquil and more natural feeling with the natural mud on the bottom of the pool, which oozed between your toes as you walked and tiptoed around the pool. The staff had placed buckets of the silica mud around the edges of the pool for guests to smear on their faces or body, which I rubbed onto my face and could feel the smoothness into the evening back in my room.

What I wasn’t expected were the showers in the hotel communal bathroom before heading back to the hotel, I’m not referring to the décor or the like, rather the water from the showers even felt silky smooth flowing over my body, or possibly I was still the exhilarating feeling carried across from the pool, either way I was not complaining it was simply divine and best way to finish off my last evening in Iceland.

A trip to Iceland would not be the same if you didn’t stop by Blue Lagoon, either for a day visit or even better a hotel stay if funds and time permit, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

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