Be prepared with a small first aid / medical kit when travelling.

On a serious note… prepare your health before travelling


Health needs to top of your mind when travelling, even more so to destinations that may not have the same medical care as to what you receive back home. Some countries provide recommended vaccinations when arriving into their country, whereas other countries are not negotiable and you need to carry a vaccination card as proof. I’ve always found Centers for Disease Control and Prevention a good source of up to data information and requirements –

Please also remember some vaccinations you need to get well in advance of your travel date eg three months prior or in three stages. It is recommended you get a medical and dental check up before you go away, to ensure you’re healthy before you depart for your trip. 

In your luggage you can pack a small first aid kit to save on searching for a pharmacy when you’re in another country, especially if travelling to a country which doesn’t speak the same language as you. 

Give yourself time to organise travel insurance too, not simply to cover for flight delays or lost baggage, rather injury and illness whilst travelling.  

This is by no means medical advice and recommend you seek professional independent medical advice on what vaccinations and medical requirements are needed for your particular circumstances.


A healthy outside starts from the inside
Robert Urich


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