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Intenational currency collected over the years of travelling.

You don’t want to be half way around the world then realise you’ve run out of spending money, that casual job could be your lifeline to extra days away


It’s all good to want to head off on holidays, however the down side to travelling is you need some form of money to fund your adventures. The amount of funds you require depends on many aspects; the destinations you’re visiting, duration of the trip, activities whilst you’re away, type of accommodation, how many people you’re travelling with… Or you could flip the money aspect around, in that you have saved your pennies then you want to hop on the plane to wherever your pennies will take you. Either way it’s a good idea to do a rough budget on your holiday to know what you’re in for up front.

You can write up a simple budget to know what you’ll likely spend when away, then add approx 20% extra to allow for the expected extras you may purchase when away; few extra boosie nights out, dining out at a five star restaurant you weren’t expecting or doing that budgie jump you’ve always wanted to do. Either way, you’d prefer to have the extra savings on hand when you’re away, rather than getting half way through your holiday to realise you’re running low on spending money. 

Some simple tips to save money is to have a separate “holiday fund” bank account, whereby you allocate a set amount each week to save for your upcoming trip, either transfer the funds yourself or ask your employer to split your wages for each pay. Also have a jar at home on your kitchen bench, any cash you have of $5 or less each day put in the jar, or even every $10 bank note you have in your wallet place in the jar.


There’s something about a holiday that isn’t all about how much money you spend
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