Travelling Alone or with Others

Sailing with friends in Fiji

Do you prefer to make memories with your travel buddy, or make memories with new travel buddies you meet during your adventures


Are you in a relationship so planning to travel with your partner, or maybe you have a couple of friends you want to get away with, or rather you may prefer to fly solo… whichever is your preference it will likely set the tone for your travel adventures. Travelling with your partner you could opt for a cliche romantic getaway to a wood fire cabin with wine in hand, with a group of friends it could be a party destination or an overland camping trip to further bond the friendship, or going away alone could open the doors to new experiences you wouldn’t normally be open to when travelling with others.

Once you know who you’re travelling with, then get the ball rolling on where and when…


Travelling in the company of those we love is home in motion
Leigh Hunt



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