The Best High Tea in the World

I’m not a huge fan of High Tea, I’ve only gone to a few in my lifetime, I think they are overrated with the norm being served of miniature bites of finger food whilst sipping sparkling wine and english tea. All with an oversized price tag. You pay for the experience, rather than the food and drink on the menu. 

So when I was looking to do a stop over in Dubai for a few days after visiting Madagascar, I contemplated would “the experience” of a high tea in Burj Al Arab in Dubai be worth it. I thought what the hell. 

Now this does not come cheap, at AED530 (US $145) per person, and you do need to book at least a month prior, unless you have luck with a last minute vacant table. Claimed by the hotel to be “the most luxurious hotel in the world” I was expecting the highest of standards as I walked into the ship sail shaped hotel, and I was not disappointed at all. The hotel lobby with a 180m atrium is a sight in itself to be admired for its engineering, as soon as you walk in the doors you instantly look up the 18 level hotel taking in range of colours starting at deep blue on the lower levels through to a aqua, green tone then yellow hue by the top floor. 

Everything was in order and had a place, even the water fountain in the middle of the escalators was coordinated to music. Guess you wouldn’t expect anything less from a 7 star hotel (at date of posting this). 

Be sure to take your time looking around the hotel too, admiring the architecture, décor and shops.


  • Inside foyer of Burj Al Arab in Dubai
    Foyer at Burj Al Arab Dubai
  • Inside foyer of Burj Al Arab in Dubai
    Foyer at Burj Al Arab Dubai


The full service which you expect started upon walking into SkyView Bar located on 27th floor for my seven course High Tea, being greeted by my first name as my waiter handed me a glass of sparkling wine. I had made sure when making my reservation to book a window table to ensure clear view of the skyline, which I wasn’t disappointed when escorted to my table. The clear view from my table looking down towards the Dubai skyline was amazing, even better being there at sunset watching the sun set behind me seeing the sky change colours from pale blue, to a shade of soft pink, with not a single cloud in the sky. 

Each of the seven courses was heaven to my taste buds and my eyes, with a mixture of savoury plates of prawn cocktail, artichoke and spinach quiche, a variety of sandwiches, then sour lemon sorbet to cleanse the pallet before commencing the sweet courses of fluffy scones with locally produced date jam, and a huge selection of mini patisseries served on a sail shaped platter to resemble the sail shaped hotel, very touching. The drinks selection on offer what just as extravagant of various wines and teas. To say I was struggling by the last course is an understatement, I felt like I had gained four kilograms over the past two hours devouring the glorious delights the Burj Al Arab had to offer.  

  • Burj Al Arab High Tea in Dubai
    SkyView Bar Burj Al Arab at Dubai
  • High Tea course at Burj Al Arab Dubai
    One of the Seven courses at high tea Burj Al Arab at Dubai
  • Burj Al Arab High Tea Menu at Dubai
    High tea menu at One of the Seven courses at Burj Al Arab Dubai


Sitting back admiring the view, guests who were mainly couples, were accompanied by a harpist playing soothing tones creating a peaceful afternoon; lovely city views, beautiful atmosphere, exceptional service and delicious food.

It was simply an exquisite way to spend an afternoon in Dubai and recommend it if you don’t mind paying to have a once in a lifetime experience with memories you’ll always remember.

I desperately needed to walk off the excessive amount of calories I just devoured, so seeing as though I was already in Jameirah area of Dubai, I walked around Souk Madinat an Arabian bazaar shopping centre, selling local crafts of jewellery, spices, wooden carvings to name a few. There were many restaurants starting to take guests for dinner reservations, of course I wasn’t game to step foot inside as had no room in my stomach even for a glass of water. Souk Madinat Jumeirah is a nice place to experience an upmarket Middle Eastern marketplace, although I wouldn’t go out of your way to get there unless you’re in the area. 


  • Jameirah at night time in Dubai
    Dubai Jumeirah in the evening
  • Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai lite up at night time
    Dubai Burj Al Arab in the evening


So by the end of the night was I glad I decided on the high tea, and THE experience was worth every cent…. I’d say yes. And to the point where I don’t think I could do another high tea anywhere else. If money is no object, then yes I’d recommend you visit the Burj Al Arab in Dubai for the perfect unforgettable experience in such an incredible venue. 


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