About Me

My name is Peta and I adore exploring new destinations across our glorious globe, whether it be on a road trip viewing gorgeous scenery, tasting new cuisines in particular desserts, experiencing new adventures and events, or making new friendships. I embrace anything travel. 

My passion for life is to share how beautiful our world is with others, either who are looking to travel, those searching for inspiration or simply window shopping at other locations around the globe. 


We are one species; Home sapiens, yet gee we can live such diversifed lives. I always look forward to and enjoy experiencing how we (humans) live in differently around the globe , with our different cultures.


  • Peta with Chocolate Hills in the background in The Philippines
    Chocolate Hills in Philippines
  • Taking wildlife photographs with King Penguins in Macquarie Island
    Wildlife on Macquarie Island


On Journey’s Across the Globe site, my aim is to share stories of my personal travels around our beautiful planet, to inspire others to explore new destinations, whilst sharing my images I capture along the way. I hope other people can learn about various cultures, show wildlife in their natural habitat, see nature at its best and see how us humans live differently. Everyone travels differently and for different reasons, so this site is not about how to travel, what to do or not do whilst travelling, rather I’m expressing my experiences that I’ve encountered along my various journeys. 

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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and I hope you enjoy reading.

Thanks Peta


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