Preparation for

Your Trip

So you’ve finally decided after seeing those crystal clear aqua beaches online to take the plunge in requesting annual leave from your work, and jump on that plane you’ve been dreaming of, to escape the daily grind to chillax by the beach with cocktail or two in hand. Now comes the next step in taking that plunge to make a great holiday…. preparation and research.

I know what you’re thinking, this is the boring part and I’ll do as little planning as possible, just get me onboard that plane and hand me my first glass of wine. Depending on your holiday or destination, the preparation could almost be as much fun as a the holiday itself…. I did say almost!

Of course certain trips won’t require much prep work or research at all, especially if you’ve booked yourself on an all-inclusive tour or say a cruise, where accommodation, transport, food and excursions are already organised for you. Also if you’ve got an amazing travel buddy who does all the research for you... even better, sit back and relax count the days until you depart! Although do share your friend with others so they can reap the benefits too!

When I suggest to prepare or research, I’m not talking old school head to your library to borrow a Lonely Planet guide book, rather simply head to Google and read at least four different sites on the same topic, if they’re all giving you similar results, great. Yet you’re finding conflicting messages on various sites, then read through a few other sites to gather more information.

Research has never been so easier and at our finger tips; whilst sitting on the bus, during tv commercial breaks, or whilst standing waiting for your Monday morning take away coffee, use the time to research. Although I’d ask yourself all those weekly take away coffees can add up to a nights’ accommodation or two on your island escape!

Hopefully the following suggestions will guide you in the right direction of creating a mind-blowing holiday, and possibly provide some thought into your trip, to make it that so much better.

I believe all trips are an adventure, even though you’ve carried out a bit of planning prior to help create that mind-blowing holiday, head into your trip with no expectations, therefore you won’t be disappointed if something doesn’t goes your particular way.