Expand Areas of Interest and Attractions

Local school children exciting by seeing photos of themselves in Kenya

Flourish as person as you embrace your interests, and be open to new experiences when travelling


You probably already have certain places in mind to visit which is great and looking to expand on that. Or maybe you have no clue and you just want to get away to explore a new holiday spot. Once you’ve narrowed your location then you see what else is in the area you’re visiting to explore that may be of interest to you. There are many sites that offer you “Top 10 Things to do in ……” if you’re after the main tourist attractions, or expand to “Top 50 Things to do in …” for more outside the box attractions. 

A suggestion is to use Google maps and “pin” the sights/attractions to see if there’s clusters of regions for you to concentrate on.


Time flies. It’s up to you to be the navigator
Robert Orben


  • Walking through ice caves in Iceland in Winter
    Exploring Ice caves in Iceland
  • Playing dominoes with locals in Jamaica
    Playing dominoes with new friends in Jamaica
  • Shotoever Canyon Swing Queenstown New Zealand
    Canyon Swing in New Zealand



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