Climate and Weather

Freezing windy snow day in Tiananmen Square China

Tropics with bikini and sunhat in hand, or arctic thermals with beanie and a wood fire…


Even though maybe you’re heading to a lovely tropical beach location, you do not want to be seeing those gorgeous crystal clear aqua beaches, only to turn up and start walking along the beach to discover it’s hurricane season, or the annual red crab migration like on Christmas Island! Check that the weather is what you’re expecting and not the total opposite. You may be looking to escape a European winter to summer in the Southern hemisphere like New Zealand, yet even on the south island summer temperatures can be as low as 5 degrees Celsius. Most countries have wet season and dry season, so if you’re looking to head to Vietnam during wet season be prepared for daily showers and possibly monsoon. 

Weather is not the only factor to consider when you travel, as you’ll notice, however it can be a major factor when on holidays.


There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing
Sir Ranulph Fiennes


  • Kayaking in El Nido The Philippines
    Kayaking in Philippines
  • Icelandic snow trucking during winter
    Winter in Iceland
  • Pure white sand at Twilight Beach in Australia
    Summer in Australia



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