Festivals, Celebrations and Public Holidays

Once a year during winter Sydney Australia lights up with the Vivid Light Festival to display it’s iconic buildings

Planning for a particular festival, or did you forget it’s a public holiday and everywhere is closed


You may personally hold certain religious or cultural beliefs, yet when travelling you need to respect your visiting countries rules around them, regardless of your own. If you don’t abide by the rules you could be fined, kicked out of the country or worse taken into custody and detained behind bars. Be prepared to dress appropriately, remove your shoes or not enter certain places of worship. Be mindful of taking photos, before you start clicking away on any device, be aware of your what images you’re taking, If you’re taking photographs of people always ask for their permission first, if they decline then respect their wishes. In most locations it is also illegal to photo military bases and some places of worship. Learn the correct etiquette required at your place of destination, are you obligated to tip at restaurants, are there certain situations on public transport you’re not meant to talk on your phone. It can be your small actions that have major impact on others when travelling, be mindful of your actions.


Your days are only important if you decide to make them important
S.A. Tawks


  • Main street of Reykjavik for a white Christmas in Iceland
    Christmas Day in Reykjavik Iceland
  • Sunrise for Canberra Balloon Spectacular in Australia
    Hot Air Balloon Festival in Canberra Australia
  • New Years Eve Street crowd in Cambodia
    New Years Eve celebrations in Cambodia



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