Choose Your Destination

Sightseeing popular Gondolas in Venice Italy .

Where in the world to visit… the world is your oyster…


Think to yourself, what’s the purpose for your holiday; are you wanting to hike Machu Picchu whilst speaking Spanish with locals, are you looking to expand your knowledge of European architecture, do you want to eat your way around Thailand’s street food, or sit back in your banana lounge in the Caribbean. The purpose of your holiday will depend on the location you end up in, once you understand the reason for your holiday you can then narrow the location choices. Why not try a destination you wouldn’t normally think of, you could still explore whatever your passion is, yet in a different country.

Don’t forget to factor in the climate and different seasons as mentioned previously!


Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before
Dalai Lama



  • Taking wildlife photography from jeep in Kenya
    Photographing wildlife in Kenya
  • Floating island of Lake Titicaca in Peru
    Meeting local communities at Lake Titicaca Peru
  • Volunteering at local school in South Africa
    Volunteering in South Africa


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