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Hi, my name is Peta, I have a strong passion for travel and adore exploring new destinations across our glorious globe, whether it be on a road trip viewing gorgeous scenery, tasting new cuisines in particular desserts, experiencing new adventures and events, or making new friendships. I embrace anything travel related.

My passion for life is to share how beautiful our world is with others, either who are looking to travel, those searching for inspiration or simply window shopping at other locations around the globe.

I travelled overseas younger in life, with a family holiday to New Zealand when I was 8 years old, of which I don’t really have any memory of as I was so young. The next international trip was to Los Angeles with my mother and sister when I was 13, with aim of a fun holiday, visiting Disneyland, Universal Studios and Honolulu. Which I have fond memories of.

Then my first major holiday was to Europe in 2001 with my partner at the time, we were planning to travel to USA afterwards, then September 11 attacks occurred whilst in England, so the USA part of the holiday was cancelled due to unknown future of travel within USA. Due to various personal circumstances, my next holiday wasn’t until 2008 to Africa with friends, this trip switched on my true love and passion for travel, which grows more and more inside me every year.

When I think holiday memories, my mind is cast more towards the last 10 years rather than those early family holidays

I have been fortunate so far to visit over 40 countries, each offering their own unique experiences, sights, learnings and memories.

Peta meeting local children in Johannesburg South Africa

Normally it’s very easy these days to visit mainstream destinations such as USA, Italy, France, UK, and the like, therefore such destinations are accustom to the tourism industry, whereas I prefer off the beaten path, to explore those other destinations that are just as beautiful or even better.

We are one species; Homo sapiens, yet we can live such diversified lives. I always look forward to and enjoy experiencing how “we” (humans) live differently around the globe, with our different cultures.

Even though I enjoy seeing how people live in each country, I adore nothing more than witnessing wild animals living in their natural environment, how they truly should be living in this world, roaming free in their natural habitat. This is also the case for natural untouched surroundings, such as rain forests, beaches and the like.

I wish people appreciated the nature world more than the industrial world in which we live, we take for granted how naturally beautiful our world is, and not everyone goes out of their way to see this part of our globe

On Journey’s Across the Globe, I aim to inspire others to explore new destinations, whilst sharing my stories and images along the way. It’s not a website about posting photos of me eating “that” meal at “the” restaurant or getting the “insta” photo posing by the waterfall, that is not me. I visit locations because I want to visit them, explore what they have, meet the local people, and make genuine friendships. It’s about learning what a wonderful world we have, even if we lived without social media, I’d still travel as I do and write in my diary like I always have.

Everyone travels differently and for different reasons, so this site is not about how to travel, or what to do / not do whilst travelling, rather expressing my experiences that I’ve encountered along my various journeys.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and I hope you enjoy reading.

Peta at Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania
Peta sitting in a bamboo seat in The Philippines
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Teenage me off to Disneyland… excitement was an understatement! As a child I grew up watching Disney cartoon characters, so as a teenager a family holiday to visit my favourite characters and amusement rides was a dream come true. Little did I realise at the time, looking back now I was mesmerised by “It’s a Small World” boat ride in Fantasyland. I was in awe as I looked at all the different dolls from countries around the world, displaying their costumes and traditional outfits. As I drifted along on the boat, I wished I could visit every one of their countries. It set my dreams afloat to explore our glorious world and everything it offered us.

Enthusiastic, yet nervous and naive as I ventured off my first major international holiday without my parents in tow. …. 8 weeks around United Kingdom, Europe then United States with my partner at the time, although then September 11 attacks occurred in United States whilst travelling around England. It didn’t dampen my spirits to travel then, nor does it now, although it changed how we all travelled thereafter.

The journey which set the tone for all future holidays…. Africa. My first trip to explore Africa with two friends was my first international holiday since my European holiday with my former partner. It opened my eyes to what the world offered; adventure, culture, wildlife, friendships and freedom. I couldn’t have asked for a more liberating experience, and just what I needed at that time in my life.

Taking the plunge for my first solo holiday, I kept it short to a 10 day tour around China, which I only booked two weeks prior as a last minute decision over the Christmas period. All new experiences travelling alone: will I get lost, will I make friends, will I get mugged, the list was endless. What do you know, I survived and actually thrived from the holiday and became more independent and liberating. No holding back future solo adventures now.

There’s no stopping me (well only a global pandemic!) besides that slight hurdle, an aspiring travel writer, I’ll venture to any destination whether it be solo, with friends, a partner or family. I adore visiting new destinations, witnessing wildlife in its natural habitat, capturing images of gorgeous landscapes, learning about other cultures… the list is endless. There is so much to experience and share in this world, there’s not enough time to visit everywhere!