Tallest Building in the World

I must admit, it may not have crossed my mind to stop over in Dubai after exploring Madagascar if it wasn’t for Burj Khalif. I had seen photos of “THE” tallest structure in the world (at the time of visiting) and thought now that seemed impressive. 

And gee, what an impressive structure Burj Khalif building is…

Standing at 828m high, Burj Khalif was officially opened in 2010; It is a building you can see from just about any location when you’re in Dubai, as you would expect. With the bright silver exterior reflecting from the sun in any direction, adding an extra sparkle to the extraordinary height of the structure. 

I booked a ticket for At the Top Sky AED530 (US $145) for 5pm, aiming to see the sunset over the city. However, navigating my way to the tower’s entrance inside the massive Dubai Mall wasn’t the easiest; then, unfortunately, I hadn’t factored in how busy the queue to enter the skyscraper would be, hence delaying my travel time up the impressive lift to the top. 

Although a little disappointed in myself for not allowing enough time, I was still pleased to arrive up the lift to Level 148 Observation Deck. Even though I had missed the sunset, the view was still spectacular; how could it not be from 555m above the ground. The view was a little hazy, as it was just after dusk, yet the so city lights had started to turn on, which gave a profound perspective of the surrounds from the monumental structure,. I wasn’t expecting just how remarkable the view would be. 

It’s exhilarating knowing you and only a handful of other people are standing at such a height on a man-made structure… it’s incredible. 


  • Dubai Burj Khalif Levels
  • Burj Khalif building at night Dubai
  • Dubai Burj Khalif Inauguration


Walking around the Level 148 observation deck, you can spot various landmarks in the city below. One which cannot be missed is the Dubai Fountain directly below and its water and light display, looking so minuscule below at ground level. Travelling down the “fast” lift down to Level 124, which was the more popular level, making it a little crowded to walk around, although still a great view in all directions from inside the building facade. Upon leaving the tower, you walk along a path learning how the building was constructed, which makes you appreciate the lengths the construction workers went to on the site. Just thinking of working at such heights makes me ill.  


I take my hat off to the construction teams of Burj Khalif. 


My recommendation is to purchase an afternoon ticket to the Observation Deck level 148, rather than the lower level of 124, yet make sure you arrive extra early to factor in the line-up at the ground floor entrance. 

As my last night in Dubai was Friday night, it seemed very popular for both international tourists and local families to dine out nearby to the Burj Khalif, whilst sitting back admiring the spectacular display of the Dubai Fountains in action, against musical soundtracks and light extravaganza. 


The Dubai Fountain water show “Dancing Fountain”, which is on display both during the day and evenings, is a highlight for anyone visiting the city. The colorful lights on the evening performance add a sparkle to the production, a spectacle that all children would enjoy. 

For optimal viewing pleasure, suggest positioning yourself on the ground level during the day, yet in the evening, make a restaurant reservation on the first elevation along the waterside. That way, you’re able to take in the view of the water formations from a slightly elevated perspective whilst also witnessing the water formations at the pool level.

Next time you’re passing through Dubai, why not do a stopover for a night or two to explore the majestic Burj Khalif.


  • Burj Khalif building at night Dubai
  • On the Sky Deck in the evening of Burj Khalif Dubai
  • Burj Khalif building at night Dubai


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