Sunrise or Sunset at Avenue of Baobabs Madagascar


There are some pretty amazing sunrises around the world like Machu Picchu in Peru, Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Even some impressive sunsets to match with Tikal in Guatemala, Serengeti in Tanzania. It’s difficult to say whether a sunrise or sunset is more impressive than the other. 

Dawn brings on new beginnings, as the sun rises and hits your face, it provides a freshness that comes with opportunities for the day ahead. 

Dusk brings a sunset that paints the sky with bright hues of pink and yellow, whilst reminiscing on the day that was, allowing you to be thankful for it brought you. 


Whether you are team sunrise or team sunset, it doesn’t really matter, as both can be as beautiful as the other. 


So when it comes to journeying around the globe, there can be times you opt for one or the other for unique reasons, possibly best timings when you’re travelling, or for specific geographical location to maximise the sun’s positioning. 

So when it came to travelling around Madagascar, I knew at some point I’d be exploring Avenue of Baobabs, located 45 minutes north of Morondava, to witness one the beautiful natural areas of the world. Yet early on in my trip around the island, I wasn’t sure at what time of the day I’d be visiting the region. So when I had the opportunity to walk down the well known dirt road during sunrise and sunset, I instantly took up the offer. 

Driving down the bumpy dirt roads leading up to the Baobabs, I wasn’t sure what to expect, yet I was pleasantly surprised as the trees approached. The view was magical, having the 30 metre high trees standing tall, lining either side of the road. Driving down the centre of the road I felt so miniature.


After driving down the road you need to explore the trees by foot and in person. As your eyes gaze up at the thick 11 metre circumference branchless tree trunk, with little short branches sitting at the top of the trunk only, like tree roots. As if the tree was standing upside down. 


Gee there’s not too many 800 year old living species on this globe, very impressive. 


Standing back thinking of what the trees would have witnessed over their lifetime is hard to fathom. So many locals making their way back and forth along the countryside, the different climates and dry heat they’ve had to endure over the centuries. 

As you soon learn walking around the dirt road, unfortunately a few of the trees have been cut down or died over the years, so you appreciate the trees which are still alive and demonstrating their grandeur and beauty. 


  • Avenue of Baobabs Madagascar at dusk with sun setting
  • Avenue of Baobabs Madagascar at dusk with sun setting behind the trees
  • Avenue of Baobabs at night with starts at Madagascar


In the afternoon as the sun sets, the sky above turns a midnight blue, then with the temperature starting to drop, so do the tourists. As nightfall approaches, darkness sets in for the evening around me. Sitting in the middle of what seems nowhere, gazing at the stars above always puts the globe into perspective, reminding you how miniscule you are on this planet. 


Sitting on the gravel ground witnessing the clear starlite sky above is very peaceful. 


After witnessing sunset over the baobabs, you could be content with knowing you’ve witnessed nature at its best. Yet wait until you’ve returned for sunrise.

Ensuring I make it for sunrise, I wake up during darkness and drive back out to the Avenue in anticipation.  Depending if you have clear morning or low hanging fog around, either situation will provide a glorious setting whilst standing at the start of baobab alley. Ensuring you arrive during the darkness will provide optimum viewing, watching the sun break over the horizon is a wonderful sight. 


One morning I had fog roll in, which gave an eerie feeling as I walked along the dirt road. 


  • Avenue of Baobabs Madagascar at dawn with early morning fog and woden cart along the dirt road
  • Avenue of Baobabs Madagascar at dawn with sun rising
  • Avenue of Baobabs Madagascar at dawn with early morning fog and local man walking along the dirt road


As soon as dawn breaks, locals start to drive and walk through the alley and likewise, tourists start to arrive taking in the surroundings. So be sure to arrive early to maximise the quiet alone time in the picturesque setting. 

Having witnessed both sunrise and sunset at Avenue of Baobabs, do I have a favourite, I actually cannot decide which is better. They both are spectacular in their own right.  

Either time of the day, you won’t be disappointed with Avenue of Baobabs in Madagascar, you cannot visit the island without visiting the magnificent trees, otherwise you’re missing out on absorbing natural history at its best.


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